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Year 12 Engineers:


Additive Manufacturing Assignment Assignment A

PDF - Unit 45 Assignment A

DOC - Assignment 1 help sheet

PDF - Assignment 1 wc Spanner Manufacturing

PDF - Unit 2 Assignment B


Dear Year 12 Students, 

below are some tasks that you can work on in preparation for Year 13. Please complete this tasks alongside any assignments you are working on. There is also an extension task you may wish to take on to help at interview/for the Engineering award/in substitution for missed work experience.

Year 12 Engineering PoS

All Year 12 Engineers need to continue work for Unit 1 Engineering Principles. Diploma and Extended Diploma students (‘Doubles’ and ‘Triples’) should continue to work on Unit 4 Commercial and Quality Engineering Assignment B and Unit 43 CNC Assignment B and submit these to their teachers by email. Triples can also download Picaxe from the website and practise designing Unit 6 Microcontroller Systems.


Year 13 Engineers:

Please continue to submit assignments for assessment, this includes those in any recovery plan or referral work as these may be needed for the BTEC assessment process.


Assignments due:

 Unit 5B Specialist Project

Unit 30B Mechanical Measurement


Please ensure that all assignments previously completed are signed and that an email copy is sent to Mervyn.laxon@bteacademy.

If you are stuck please email or or or for support or guidance